Wednesday, 11 April 2018

FRIDAY THE 13th Part 2. GallantTed recounts another Friday13th adventure......

Friday the 13th began with MadDogTed clutchen his looky rabbit's foot and Albear Camoo laffen his head off at him. But then Albear Camoo caught a dose of the fleas from the rabbit's foot and MadDogTed was kilt with the laffen and told Albear that it was great ta see him doen his bit fer the homeless. 

Then Albear Camoo called dial-a-spider fer ta eat the fleas which put the fear of God inta MadDogTed cos he’s  scared stiff of spiders. But then didn’t the spider buy MadDogTed a pint beyont in Slasher's jint and they became grate pals alltagather.

Then Miss Muffet came in and Albear went over and tried ta impress her by tellen her about all the charity work he does be doen - housen the homeless and all that sorta stuff.  He was just about ta tell her how he was a published arthur when MadDogTed - who had been taken absailen lessons from the spider - fell off the wall on top of Miss Muffet, scaren the liven daylights outa her. She ran out screamen her head off, accidently steppen on the spider and braken 3 of his legs. Meanwhile, MadDogTed was lyen haff dead on the floor.

So a frantic Albear Camoo dialed 999 - with the rabbit's foot fer added effect - but in his panic the phone was upside down didn't he dial 3 sixes instead. Then a real mad tree-legged hare came in looken fer his missen foot. He knocked the stuffen outa poor Albear fer sure.

Anyways, the hapless trio is now up in casualty, sharen a trolly and waiten fer ta be bandaged up. I'd go up ta see them but I'm taken Miss Muffet ta the flicks. Ya see, I was goen inta Slasher's when I bumped inta her on the way out and we got talken. Is Friday the 13th my looky day or what?

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