Wednesday, 2 May 2018

GallantTed gives the lowdown on the Annual Nag Gags

I’ve no doubt that the more cultured a ye what do be readen me blog will be familiar with the Annual Nag Gag Symposium what’s open ta everyone so long as they’re an ass, a hoss or a jennet or something along those equine breeds. The horsey contestints spend the weekend tellen jokes, funny stories and the like and then on the last night the best contestints are picked ta go inta the grand final where the overall winner with the most amusen and original story is chosen. Well, fer the very first time this year’s Symposium was held in Slasher’s Bar & Grill.

Now, the animal called The Champ, what was tipped ta win the final, was a proper show off alltagather and had all us annoyed goen on about how hillarious he was and how he’d won the title fer 3 years runnen and how his victory was in the nose-bag fer sure. I’ll tell ya, he just loved ta hear himself bray and could talk the hind-legs of a donkey fer sure.

Which in fact is just what the ejjit did. And before hoofen it outta town from the sheer boredom of The Champ’s constant whinnien, the said Hind-legs told everyone the very joke what The Champ had up his sleeve fer the grand final. So by the time our chump The Champ told it up on the stage it was no longer original and was rendered null and void. Which put a bit of a dampner on the night cos everyone had been saven their belly laffs fer the final and now there was no grate joke ta gaffaw at. But then next thing ya know, didn’t MadDogTed shout up “It just goes ta show ye fokes - a mule and his funny are soon parted!”

Well, the place errupted fer sure and that’s how, fer the first time ever, a humble little teddy bear – with no horsey connection whatsoever - won the the Annual Nag Gag Symposium.