Winner announcement

  • Don't miss this UNIQUE opportunity to take part in this UNIQUE competition and win this TABLET

Win this tablet of gum.
Not actual size
Answers on a postcard, please.
May not be suitable for the denturous.
T&C may or may not apply.
May lose flavour on bedpost overnight - keep away from sheets.
Do not swallow. Mind you if you've read this far it could be a tad too late for that.

MadDogTed is the winner by default. He thought he'd have a sneaky chew, blew a big huge bubble and now the tablet of gum - YOUR PRIZE - is stuck all over his furry little face. Any tips on how to remove gum from such a cute little pus would be appreciated. Answers on the back of a fifty euro note, please. Thnx.


  1. What is the question please? I have my postcard with a nice picture of mountains and a lake with swans on it. Will this help me win?

  2. Pop him in a plastic bag,throw the bag in the freezer and fling the freezer into the nearest river. I wanted that prize to chew with cud with the cows in the field. I'm bullen for sure.
    Signed: Billy Big 1s

  3. Set the moths on him, I say, SET THE FECKEN MOTHS ON HIM. Let them chew the lot of the little pest until they reach the gum. Moths don't do gum as we all know. I really wanted that prize, I know I was the only one with the right answer. Why me, why is it always me?

  4. This is so wrong on so many levels, you Teds could get arrested for that sort of carry on. Still it is mildly funny I suppose