Tuesday, 10 April 2018

FRIDAY13th - PART ONE. First in a series of Fri 13th mishaps as told by GallantTed

MadDogTed looken lucky

Friday the 13th began with MadDogTed looken everywhere fer his lucky horse shoe cos it was the night of the annual Big Huge Poker Tournamint where Mr Slasher puts up a great secret prize fer the winner. Poor MadDogTed couldn’t find his horse shoe anywhere but then he spotted a horse out of the winda beyont in the field and decided ta go down ta see if it'd loan him one or two of his shoes fer the night.

Before the tournament began there was no sign of MadDogTed except fer his lucky silver bucket that he usually up-turns ta sit on during these great occasions. This time he was taken no chances and he had it filled up with looky 4-leaved clovers. Suddenly, there was a big huge cuffuffal and in comes MadDogTed riden the horse and clutchen on ta a lucky black cat, just ta be sure ta be sure.

Well, the horse was a biteen nervis and was leaven a awfull mess in the jint but MadDogTed said where's there's muck there's luck, and was just about ta sit down when the lucky black cat knocked over the lucky bucket and then the horse spotted the lucky clover and ate it all and MadDogTed couldn't stop him cos me furry little pal kept slippen on the lucky muck. Well, after the feed of lucky clover, the horse was feelen fierce lucky and decided ta get in on the gamblen and was delt a royal flush and eventually ended up winnin the tournamint. No dout poor MadDogTeddy would've been heart-broke at the news if he was conscious, but at some pint he'd split his head on one of the horse's lucky shoes and was out cold.

But the thing is, the horse was actually the secret prize up fer grabs so he ended up winnin himself which, of course, is against the rules fer sure and the whole thing had ta be cancelled til next week. Whatsmore, when MadDogTed split his head open the tempory steel-plate - what was put in there after a previous Friday 13th fiasco - fell out and transpired ta be his original missen looky horse shoe. Upon hearen  all this great news when he eventually recovered, all me little pal could say, "Is Friday 13th me lucky day or what?"

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